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I have lots of second hand tack items for sale, too numerous to list!  They can be seen at Mearfield, Stoke Climsland or telephone me for details.  


If you have unwanted tack and equipment, I would be happy to display your items alongside other stock at my new tack and horsey gift shop, just call me for more information.


Also, the farm has an account with Harpers and I can get Harvest Horse Feeds to order.

Contact Sheila Cox on 07890 564210 or 01579 371234.




Unused paint for show jumps
If you have any unused exterior gloss or satinwood paint, Anne would be glad to have it for touching up the show jumps at Sunningdale.  It doesn't matter how hideous the colour is, all purchasing errors gratefully received.  Please leave your donation at Sunningdale or call Anne on 07817 848092.  Thank you!




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